Website Development

Do you need a website that looks professional and is capable of generating business or leads. Do you need to drive traffic to the site? Following is the process we use creating your professional Internet business:


Information is collected and analyzed. We work with you to identify your needs while considering practical solutions to fit the time schedule and budget for your project.

Internet Marketing Plan

We will help you find the most practical solutions, set up cost and terms of service, the functional, technical, and creative requirements are defined. We can work within your existing corporate identity or help you create one. The specifications for your site are developed.

WebSite Design

Your website design starts to take form in colors, shapes, visual, navigation and textual elements. The navigation schedule that supports and enhances the architecture of the information is created.

The features (i.e. programming) that add functionality to the site are in production. At this point, your site looks great on screen. You approve the web design.

website Development

When production is complete, we place it online in a designated testing area. This enables you to explore the site before launch and give us your feedback. We perform an extensive quality control process to ensure that every part works as it should.


After testing and assuring the quality of your site, we publish. We will make sure you understand how to manage the site and offer you the option for a maintenance agreement or train your people to maintain it.

WebSite Promotion

Gone are the days "Build it and they will come" With all the information and messages on the Internet today you need to promote your business online. If you don't it will just be sitting there, without any traffic, without any business. We offer our customers a Complete Internet Marketing Plan. This includes Search Engine Optimization, coordination with offline marketing campaigns, email list management, email marketing, tracking and reporting.

Internet Marketing Reporting and Analysis

We monitor and analyze how your solution performs. We follow up with you to review reactions to the site, the first month's hit reports, plan any additional development, maintenance or training, and present our thoughts on how to improve performance and results.

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  • Greater Flexibility
    A professional developer can analyze your business to make the most appropriate suggestions for your business' specific needs. The developer can then implement matching solutions using industry standard technologies.

  • Technical Expertise
    Even with the most robust, feature-packed Web development software packages available today, there is a tremendous learning curve involved in developing a technically sound Web presence. A professional developer will stay abreast of current technology trends to ensure that your website loads quickly and is accessible across a wide range of platforms.

  • Time Savings
    Web development is very detail-oriented work that requires time resources that might not be available to your small business or organization. Outsourcing your Web development projects to a professional developer will allow you to focus on what's most important to you - your business.

  • Integrated Marketing
    Too many small businesses fall victim to the "build it and they will come" philosophy. A professional developer will integrate proven marketing techniques into the Web development process to ensure that sites receive targeted traffic and generate leads or sales.

  • Improved Aesthetics
    A professional developer can analyze your existing promotional materials and integrate these elements into a coherent design for your business' Web presence. This allows for a more custom marketing presence than can be obtained by using templates included with off-the-shelf software packages or online services.